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5000 хэвлэн нийтлэгчдийн 19000 гаруй сэтгvvл. эрдэм шинжилгээний сэтгvvл, хурлын эмхтгэлээс 4,6 сая oгvvлэлvvд. 24,7 сая гаруй патент 350 сая шинжлэх ухааны вэб сайт


Шинжлэх ухааны 256 салбарын 12000 орчим сэтгvvл, 148,000 орчим хурал, семинар, бусад ангилагдсан салбаруудын уулзалтуудын эмхтгэл, 2005 оноос хойших 30,000 гаруй ном

Advancing the H umanities

US National Science Foundation Office of International Science and Engineering supports programs to expand and enhance leading-edge international research and education opportunities for U.S. scientists and engineers, especially at the early career stage, works to build and strengthen effective institutional partnerships throughout the global science and engineering research and education community, and supports international collaborations in NSF's priority research areas.


For years, COS a ProQuest brand has been recognized as a global leader that provides unmatched tools for discovering funding opportunities and supporting collaboration in the research development field. Pivot answers the growing demands on research developers to quickly discover the right funding opportunities and effectively collaborate with their colleagues. Designed for faculty, staff researchers, and graduate students, it's intuitive and easily implemented.

Open Access Resources for Researchers in Mongolia

This Guide is meant to provide links to helpful open access information resources, particularly those relevant to researchers in and research on Mongolia. It is by no means comprehensive and is designed with the hope of constant updates and changes in mind. Resources in the top level categories are the broadest and subpages have more specific links. The project was supported by a fellowship from the American Center for Mongolian Studies (ACMS), a research leave from New York University, and the Mongolian Libraries Consortium(MLC).


The GETTY - Getty grants for research, education and professional development, and art conservation

Grantsmanship Institute

Grantsmanship Institute - Asia, Australia, New Zealand, & Pacific Islands Grantmaking Foundations and Corporate Giving Programs with stated giving interests in this region

Rotary International Global Grants

Rotary International Global Grants - Global grants must be sponsored by two Rotary clubs or districts: a host partner in the country where the activity takes place and an international partner outside the country. Both partners must be Future Vision pilot members.

Whitley Fund for Nature Awards

Whitley Fund for Nature Awards - Whitley Awards winners are nationals of the countries where their conservation activities are focused. Whitley Awards focus on individuals working in locations where international funds are hardest to raise, most needed, and will make the largest conservation impact.

Global Environment Facility Funding

Global Environment Facility Funding - GEF investments are predicated on the delivery of global environmental benefits in the focal areas of biodiversity, climate change mitigation, international waters, land degradation, ozone depletion, and persistent organic pollutants.

IREX Programs

IREX Programs - IREX enables local individuals and institutions to build key elements of a vibrant society: quality education, independent media, and strong communities.Opportunities for individuals, organizations, universities, and alumni

US Department of State Exchange Programs

US Department of State Exchange Programs for Scholars - For non-US participants includes Fulbrights, and grants to study US institutes for Scholars and Secondary Educators

Open Society Foundations Grants

Open Society Foundations Grants - Open Society Foundations Grants predominantly funds preselected organizations, but some programs encourage submission of letters of inquiry or publish funding guidelines for grant seekers

Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy

Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy makes targeted grants for work in major areas of the social sciences, including anthropology, area studies, economics, political science, psychology, sociology, and urban studies, as well as newer areas such as evaluation research. No criterion of nationality or residence for awards

Trust for Mutual Understanding

Trust for Mutual Understanding - TMU provides grants specifically for international travel associated with professional exchanges in the arts and environmental sciences. Approximately two-thirds of TMU’s awards are for arts and culture and one-third for environmental projects. Initial Inquiry may be made by an individual or institution in any of the countries in which TMU is active, the Final Proposal must be submitted by an American nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, as TMU does not make grants directly to institutions or individuals abroad.